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Our Roastery

What makes our coffee so excellent and unique?

The answer is simple: our roaster, Gary Barnes, has over 25 years of experience. We offer a wide variety of fresh, locally roasted Arabica coffees using shade grown beans from around the world. 

Roasts are handcrafted in small batches so the taste is smooth and bold, never bitter. With the use of a fluid bed roaster, we ensure quality control and guarantee freshness.

Gary loves to spill the beans on his process and share samples. Stop by Monday through Friday to see the coffee roasting legend in action. 

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An island in the gulf of Alaska, Kodiak is known for towering green mountains, an abundance of wildlife, world-class hunting and fishing, and our close-knit community. You would have a hard time convincing locals there's any better spot in the world, especially on sunny days. 

Our Baristas know the inside scoop on fun adventures around the island. Grab a cup of coffee and head out.


Family-Owned since 1994

Sam and Doreece Mutch became Harborside's owners as newlyweds. The original downtown shop made it easy for fisherman Sam to pop in for mug ups just a few steps from the harbor. The two have always seen their coffee shops not only as a business but as a way to support and grow the community. 

Sam has never been a big fan of coffee but you will often see him sipping

on a Harborside hot chocolate or tea. Doreece loves her daily Americano

with cream and a dash of cinnamon.

- if she's feeling fancy that day.

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